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Date Article
07/06/21 National Kidney Registry Expands Donor Shield Travel and Lodging Reimbursement Increased to $3,000 Max
06/17/21 The National Kidney Registry Facilitates 5,000th Kidney Transplant
05/26/21 National Kidney Registry Expands Donor Shield Lost Wage Reimbursement to 6 Week Max
05/13/21 The National Kidney Registry’s 50th Low Eplet Mismatch Transplant
04/13/21 National Kidney Registry Fights to Support Living Donors Files Lawsuit to Stop Life Insurance Discrimination
12/08/20 The National Kidney Registry’s 500th Patient Microsite Activated
12/03/20 Guinness World Record Organization Distinguishes the National Kidney Registry for World’s Longest Kidney Transplant Chain
12/01/20 2019 Audited Financial Statement
10/30/20 Guinness World Records: Longest Kidney Transplant Chain
07/16/20 International Cooperation to Advance Paired Exchange: First International Paired Exchange Website Launched
06/09/20 National Kidney Registry Launches Donor Shield Website
05/28/20 NKR Introduces Fail Safe
05/27/20 Donor Shield Adds Important New 7TH Donor Protection
04/29/20 NKR Response: Reimbursement of Travel and Subsistence Expenses Toward Living Organ Donation Program Eligibility Guidelines
04/06/20 COVID19 Antibody Launched
03/16/20 COVID19 PCR Swab Testing Launched
02/17/20 NKR Response to HRSA: Removing Financial Disincentives to Living Organ Donation
12/11/19 2018 Audited Financial Statement
11/21/19 National Kidney Registry Improves Donor Lost Wage Reimbursement Program by Eliminating Income Restrictions
10/03/19 UCSF Medical Center is First Transplant Center in the Western U.S. to Provide Donor Shield
09/16/19 National Kidney Registry Launches Family Voucher Program
09/10/19 Gallery - Awards Gala 2019
08/05/19 National Kidney Registry to Reimburse Lost Wages for Donors
04/24/19 NKR 2019 Educational Events Brochure
03/14/19 Response to OPTN’s Request for Feedback
02/22/19 National Kidney Registry Presented with the AST Innovation Award
02/15/19 National Kidney Registry Upgrades GPS Tracking Ensuring Shipped Kidney Safety with Next Generation Technology
11/27/18 National Kidney Registry Facilitates 3,000th KPD Transplant
11/26/18 2017 Audited Financial Statement
07/02/18 National Kidney Registry 2018 Award Winners
04/19/18 NKR 2018 Educational Events Brochure
01/11/18 National Kidney Registry Launches Remote Donation Network
12/20/17 National Kidney Registry Passes Kidney Backup Policy
11/29/17 National Kidney Registry Adds Donor Insurance Benefit to all Donors involved in NKR Swaps
06/02/17 National Kidney Registry Facilitates First 0 HLA Mismatched KPD Transplant for a Compatible Pair
05/26/17 First Transcontinental Direct Donation Kidney Transplant
04/03/17 NKR 2016 Audited Financial Statement
02/13/17 NKR 2017 Educational Events Brochure
01/05/17 National Kidney Registry Facilitates 2,000th KPD Transplant
10/13/16 National Kidney Registry Enlists Rackspace Managed Security to Help Safeguard Patient Data
08/11/16 National Kidney Registry Facilitates 50 KPD Transplants in July Setting a New World Record
06/27/16 Surgical First: Patient Avoids Dialysis Thanks to Dialysis Thanks to Simultaneous Polycistic KidneyRemoval and Kidney Transplant During 28-Person Kidney Swap
05/12/16 NKR 2015 Audited Financial Statement
01/01/16 NKR 2016 Educational Events Brochure
12/15/15 National Kidney Registry Re-engineers Billing Systems to Facilitate KPD Cost Reimbursements for Transplant Hospitals
04/24/15 NKR 2014 Audited Financial Statement
02/04/15 NKR 2015 Educational Events Brochure
12/04/14 NKR KPD Informed Consent Response Letter
12/02/14 NKR Initiates Donor Blood Cryo-Preservation
11/19/14 KPD Performance Comparison: NKR vs. UNOS
05/16/14 NKR Economics of Paired Exchange
04/03/14 NKR 2013 Audited Financial Statement
03/12/14 NKR Facilitates 1000th Transplant
01/20/14 Dennis Bligen Kidney Foundation Thank You/Donation Letter
01/17/14 2014 Spring Symposium Flyer
06/17/13 NKR 2012 Audited Financial Statement
06/06/13 Second Largest Kidney Swap
07/26/12 NKR Facilitates 500th Transplant
03/26/12 Good Samaritan Donor Wins Lawsuit
06/29/11 Dr. Barry Straube, Former Chief Medical Officer of CMS Joins NKR Medical Board
04/27/11 One Lambda and NKR Introduce The Toolbox
03/04/11 NKR Doubles KPD Matches
02/24/11 NKR Exceeds 50,000 Twitter Followers
08/16/10 NKR Introduces GPS Tracking Technology
06/17/10 NKR Finds First Perfect Match In A Swap
05/27/10 NKR Renames Prestigious Award- Terasaki Medical Innovation
10/27/09 NKR Wins Social Entrepreneurship Award
05/08/09 Aetna Announces NKR Grant Award
04/17/09 NKR Keynotes Wharton Welcome Weekend Speech
02/20/08 First Valentine's Day Donor Chain
12/14/07 NKR Launches Kidney Matching System
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