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TV Coverage

Date Publication Article
11/24/19 Fox A look at living organ donor programs
09/07/19 Fox News NYPD detective donates kidney to Marine vet's wife
05/06/19 NBC Kidney Voucher Program Aims to Up the Number of Live Donors
04/04/19 ABC Truly a perfect match': The emotional reunion reuniting kidney recipients and donors
04/04/19 Today Everyone Has a Story: Woman donates kidney to stranger
11/11/18 CNN New program gives incentive to kidney donors
11/04/18 NBC From Strangers to Life-Long Friends at Golden Gate Half-Marathon
06/29/17 ABC Boston Boston Woman's Donation Creates Third Longest Kidney Transplant Chain, Saving 28 People
04/11/17 Vox Why I gave my kidney to a stranger
03/08/17 TED Talk What Makes a Person Decide to Donate His Kidney to a Stranger?
08/01/16 CBS New York Kidney Vouchers Could Eliminate Need For Lengthy Waiting Lists
07/14/16 Fox News Health Voucher program may reduce organ transplant waitlist, save lives
07/13/16 The Young Turks A Kidney Is Always Pink! Dr. Jeffrey Veale On The Young Turks
07/11/16 NBC News New voucher system encourages kidney donations by linking chains of donors and recipients
06/20/16 Kidney chains now an option for children waiting for transplant in Seattle
05/09/15 CBS Donor chains help many get new kidneys
04/15/15 ABC ABC's Nightline - NKR's Longest Chain
04/14/15 ABC 7 Washington D.C. D.C., Md., Va. Hospitals Participate in Largest-Ever Multi-Hospital Kidney Transplant Chain
03/30/15 Paired exchange record: 70 people, 35 kidneys
02/20/15 Fox4KC One woman’s donation starts chain of seven other kidney donations
10/25/14 The Chain Documentary Coverage of Chain 166
08/21/14 ABC WRIC Kidney Swap Saves Local Man's Life
02/26/14 The Doctors Tv Mans Gift Launches Chain Reaction
01/08/14 Hallmark Channel How a Kidney Transplant Chain "Pays It Forward"
08/21/13 Fox 5 Atlanta Chamblee Police Officer and his Altruistic Kidney Donation
06/20/13 Youtube David Got a Kidney
06/06/13 Fox Memphis Local Politician Sparks World's second Largest Transplant Chain
05/14/13 TakePart TV NKR chain 166/1 Part 1 of 5
05/14/13 TakePart TV NKR Chain 166/1 Part 5 of 5
05/14/13 TakePart TV NKR Chain 166/1 Part 2 of 5
05/14/13 TakePart TV NKR Chain 166/1 Part 4 of 5
05/14/13 TakePart TV NKR Chain 166/1 Part 3 of 5
03/01/12 Fox 4 Kansas City Metro Man Gives in Chain of Life
02/26/12 CNN Kidney Donor Sparks 30-Person Chain
02/22/12 KPBS Riverside Man Begins Chain Of Kidney Donations
02/21/12 FOX Chicago News Kidney Transplant Chains Save Lives: Recipient and Doctor
02/20/12 CNN Record Kidney Transplant Chain
02/20/12 KSBY San Luis Obispo Longest Kidney Donation Chain
02/20/12 ABC Los Angeles SoCal Kidney-Transplant Chain Reaches 30 Recipients
02/20/12 Fox Philly Kidney Donor Chain Saves A Bellmawr Mans Life
02/20/12 ABC World News Kidney Donation Leads to Unexpected Kindness
02/19/12 CBS Chicago Two Local Residents Part Of Record Kidney Donation Chain
02/17/12 LoyolaHealth Loyola Wraps Up Longest Kidney Chain in U.S.
05/19/11 News 3 Madison Madison Man Donates Kidney To Stranger
03/04/11 CBS Pittsburgh UPMC Participates In Kidney Transplant Chain
12/23/10 WCAX Vermont News Historic Kidney Swap Gives VT Teen His Life Back
11/10/10 CBS Evening News Katie Couric CBS "Kidney Chains Link Strangers"
04/04/10 Fox News Pay-It-Forward Transplants
04/04/10 ABC 7 News Chicago Donate Life Month
03/31/10 ABC 7 News Chicago Loyola Hosts 1st Illinois Kidney Transplant Chain
03/31/10 FOX News Chicago Loyola Hospital Hosts Strangers' Kidney Swap
12/27/09 The NJ Star-Ledger Chain of Life - Kidney Transplant Chain Helps 6
12/02/09 WZZM 13 Grand Rapids Firefighter Honored for Kidney Donation
06/15/09 UCLA Health Two Altruistic Donors Launch Rare Kidney Transplant Chains at UCLA
06/15/09 USA Today Kidney Donors and Recipients Reunite
06/15/09 ABC 7 News Los Angeles Members of Kidney Transplant Chains Meet
06/05/09 The NJ Star-Ledger Ledger Live: A Talk With 'Chain of Life' Author
10/22/08 ESPN Radio Steve and Gail Shaevel Story
07/01/08 Noticias 34 Transplantes (Spanish)
07/01/08 NBC 4 News Los Angeles First Coast-to-Coast Three Way Donor Chain
07/01/08 Fox11 News Los Angeles New Twist on Kidney Transplants
07/01/08 Telemundo 52 Cadena de Transplantes (Spanish)
07/01/08 CBS 2 News Los Angeles Special Bond: Giving the Gift of Life
07/01/08 ABC 7 News Los Angeles First Transcontinental Living Kidney Transplant
07/01/08 Fox 11 News Los Angeles New York to LA: Brand New World
05/01/08 NBC New York Nightly News Living Donor Transplant Chain
02/01/08 New York 1 News New York 1 News
02/01/08 NYP Press Conference Coverage Expressions of Love and Gratitude Among Stranger
02/01/08 Primer Impacto Encuentro de Impacto (Spanish)
02/01/08 NBC New York Nightly News Acts of Kindness Between Strangers
02/01/08 New York 1 News Encuentro de Donantes y Receptores (Spanish)
02/01/08 Fox 5 News New York 3 Way Kidney Donor Transplant Unites Strangers
02/01/08 CBS 2 News New York The Gift of Life on Valentines Day
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