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David Serur, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Serur came to New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell in 1991 with an interest in clinical transplantation and has been Medical Director of the kidney transplant program since 2007. For the past 17 years he has been supervising the evaluations of kidney donors at Cornell, which performs 150 living donations annually. Research interests have included pharmaceutical industry supported studies of new transplant medications as well as investigator-initiated studies. Dr. Serur was one of the earliest proponents of offering kidney transplantation to HIV patients on dialysis, something that many thought was too risky but is now routinely done. Recent interests have been in studying non-directed donors and donors within paired exchange. He serves on the editorial board of the journals Transplantation and Progress in Transplantation and served on the medical boards of the NY Organ Donor Network and the Manhattan chapter of TRIO, the transplant recipient organization. He also serves on the board of directors of AFDT (American Foundation for Donation and Transplantation) since 2017. Being involved in kidney paired exchange since its inception at Cornell in 2008, Dr. Serur has volunteered as Medical Director of the National Kidney Registry, the largest paired exchange program in the world.

Dr. Serur served on the executive committee of the AST Living Donor Community of Practice and has recently chaired committees in national consensus conferences: the KPD consensus conference and Best Practices in Living Donation conference. Recently he developed an online educational tool kit for living donor transplantation. In March 2016, he visited the White House to advise the White House National Economics Council on ways to promote organ donation and remove disincentives from live donors and then joined the White House Organ Summit in June 2016.

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