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Holders of ADP Certificates and Vouchers

ADP Certificate

All Advanced Donation Program (ADP) donors who participate in the Family Voucher program will be mailed an ADP Certificate recognizing the generous gift of life voluntarily given through kidney donation. The certificate is meant only as a record and proof of the ADP donor’s donation. The certificate does not have an expiration date, is non-transferrable, and may only be redeemed by the ADP donor who donated should that donor ever be in need of a kidney.

In accordance with the National Kidney Registry’s Medical Board Policy, should the certificate holder (ADP donor) ever need of a kidney transplant, they will be prioritized for a living donor kidney through the National Kidney Registry. To receive this prioritization, the ADP donor needs to contact their preferred Transplant Center within the National Kidney Registry network and indicate that they are a prior ADP donor now in need of a transplant. In case the physical certificate is lost, the NKR will have a digital record of the donation and the donor; the physical copy of the Certificate is not required for its redemption.

ADP Voucher

After an Advanced Donation Program (ADP) donor donates, through the Family Voucher program, the intended recipient(s) will be mailed printed vouchers confirming them as voucher holders named by the ADP Family Voucher donor. The printed voucher is meant as a record and proof of the ADP donor’s donation on behalf of the intended recipient(s) and is not required to redeem the ADP Voucher. Vouchers do not have an expiration date, are non-transferrable, and may only be redeemed by one voucher holder per donation.

To redeem their voucher, the voucher holder may select any ADP participating transplant center within the National Kidney Registry’s (NKR) network. The NKR is then responsible for providing its matching services to try to find a kidney for the ADP recipient after the Voucher is redeemed. Be aware that the requirements and disclosures on the previous page will still apply in terms of their ability to get a match.

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